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Donald Beesley

Donald Beesley

Senior Vice President

Donald Beesley’s clients are conservative, and almost exclusively income-oriented. They prefer reliable investments that provide attractive and predictable income.

Don has been specializing in this type of investment for 30 years, and he has developed close relationships with many of his clients. Taking care of business is a high priority, of course, but so is taking the time to know each other. You’d be surprised at how many clients enjoy gardening and cooking, as does Don.

This human relationship is the foundation of his practice. Each relationship starts with learning. Don’s clients learn early on that they’ll be working with someone they’ll be comfortable with – someone they can trust to keep their best interests at heart, someone who will listen closely, and someone who can explain investment terms like “Yield to Maturity” and “Accrued Interest” in plain English.

Don also needs to know that he will be working with someone he will be comfortable with – someone who will be open and honest with him regarding their financial situation, their Time Horizon, Risk Tolerance, Tax Bracket, and more; someone who understands that his role is to provide them with appropriate choices and adequate information for sound decision making.

Some of his clients are new to investing, and they appreciate patience and respect while learning about income investing. They quickly understand that there is no such thing as a silly question, especially when learning about new concepts such as Face Value, Call Features, and Diversification.

Some of Don’s clients already have extensive investing experience. They appreciate an investing approach that considers, “Yield, safety… and peace of mind.” They look to Centennial and Don as their special source for individual fixed income securities, whether taxable or tax-free.

Would you like a calm and friendly investing experience? Then get in touch with Don. He welcomes new clients and referrals, and he hopes that he may be of service to you.

He is a Registered Representative, a Registered Investment Advisor, Principal, Life-Accident-Insurance, and Variable Contract holder. He is licensed to offer securities including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, UITs, ETFs and more, as well as insurance products, including all types of annuities.