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Ryan Diepstra, CRCP®

Ryan Diepstra, CRCP®

Managing Director of Sales and Senior Financial Advisor

”In an industry with more products than Amazon, it is my job to filter investments and make recommendations that are in the best interest of each unique client. Once a portfolio is constructed, the account is continually monitored to ensure it is on track to meet the end goals.”

Ryan Diepstra joined Centennial Securities in 2003 and has successfully completed the following examinations:

• Series 4: Registered Options Principal

• Series 7: Full Registration/General Securities Representative

• Series 24: General Securities Principal

• Series 27: Financial and Operations Principal

• Series 53: Municipal Securities Principal

• Series 63: Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination

• Series 65: Uniform Investment Advisor

Additionally, Ryan successfully completed the Certified Regulatory and Compliance Professional™ (CRCP™) three year program in conjunction with FINRA/University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School Executive Education in 2009.  He also successfully completed the three-year Securities Industry Institute Program which is an executive development program hosted by SIFMA and The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

A graduate of Calvin College, Ryan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business.

Ryan’s relationship with his clients is founded on a time-honored and proven philosophy: TRUST.

Transparent: Always be straightforward with the products and services that are offered along with a clear description and full disclosure of the fees.

Reliable: Being dependable has to do with quality of measurement while the consistency and repeatability of rational advice is at the forefront of each action.

Understanding: The only way to comprehend each person’s unique goals and objectives is by asking thoughtful questions and attentive listening.

Service: Clients value a prompt response with a friendly and courteous attitude.

Time: Continually strive to exceed the expectation of clients’ needs while providing more than enough time to fulfill them.

“My first job at the ripe age of 12 was a caddie at Butterfield Country Club in a suburb of Chicago. I’ll never forget my first day as I rode my bike to the golf course as the crisp morning air filled my lungs with adrenaline. It was 7 AM and the Caddiemaster called my number over the loudspeaker. B-47! I was assigned to a guest of the club and his golf bag was nearly as heavy as me. I was mentally preparing to carry that hefty maroon bag with a leather strap that dug into my scrawny shoulders for the next four and half hours. I was incredibly nervous and didn’t want to do or say something wrong. Fortunately, the golfer that I caddied for couldn’t have been a nicer gentleman. He took all of my worries away by treating me kindly, asking friendly questions, and listening thoughtfully.

I quickly learned that treating people as you would like to be treated is not just an old saying, but a pillar for building strong and lasting relationships. The unexpected lessons that I learned as a caddie helped me develop into the person I am today. The financial industry is slightly different than caddying from a physical standpoint, but the values of honesty, integrity, and respect remain the same.

My business philosophy and value proposition has everything to do with goals-based planning as a basis for all recommendations. Once a properly allocated portfolio is constructed in the best interest of the client, it is monitored on a daily basis with software to make sure each account is on track to meet its distinctive overall purpose.”

Ryan is currently a member of the SIFMA Small Firms Committee, FINRA Committees, and Grand Rapids Economic Club. Staying active by serving on these committees has served him well by staying on top of industry trends while applying them to his business model.

Ryan and his wife, Laura, have two young boys, Andy and Max. He is a supporter of Kids’ Food Basket, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, and Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Foundation. Additionally, Ryan enjoys traveling, reading, exercise, golf, tennis and learning Spanish with his kids.